15-17 September 2021 Digital Conference [email protected]

Governance and Leadership in health management – Discover the Abstract Sessions at EHMA 2021

Governance and leadership of health systems involve researching and setting up strategic objectives, making policies, and developing laws and regulations while securing and deploying the necessary resources, skills, and competencies to accomplish strategic goals. In the past year, the role of health governance and leadership has been in the spotlight as the effect of health […]

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Build Back Better. Time to act: the burden of Cardiovascular Diseases – Discover this session by Novartis

COVID-19 has thrust health and patient outcomes into a global spotlight. Organisations and systems need to define and think differently about going forward – at population and/or patient levels. With appropriate political vision, leadership, commitment to science and innovation, we can continue to grow life expectancy but increase it equitably.  The European Federation of Pharmaceutical […]

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Applications are open for the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award

Applications are open for the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award Programme which recognises teams who collaborate across different disciplines and transform healthcare delivery. The programme was created by Abbott in partnership with leading healthcare organisations, among which EHMA, with a common vision to inspire and celebrate healthcare excellence. The award honours teams working together across […]

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Health systems resilience during COVID-19: what have we learnt? – Discover this session by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Health systems resilience can be understood as the health systems’ ability to maintain or improve its performance in the face of a shock, so that the ultimate health systems goals, especially that of improving health of the population, can be achieved. In this session we attempt to summarise key strategies that enabled health systems in […]

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The Recovery & Resilience Facility: a driver of Europe’s ambitions for a resilient Health Union and global health leadership? – Discover this session by Sanofi

Through the European Recovery & Resilience Facility (RRF), the European Union will invest €672.5 billion to support investments and reforms across Member States in six sectors: green and digital transition; smart and sustainable growth; policies for the next generation; health; and resilience. Allocations per country have been made and, in April Member States submitted their […]

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Governance for healthcare transformation: harnessing the power of laboratories – Discover this session by the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award and Abbott

Laboratories have the potential to favourably impact decision-making and clinical governance as powerful collaborators and catalysts of value to health systems. Well beyond their contribution to medical diagnosis and therapy, laboratory insights guide the development of precision and personalised medicine, prompt the shift towards prevention, and are protagonists for innovation and transformation. By mobilising insights […]

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Towards personalised medicine – an innovative diagnostic tool to identify cardiovascular complications in COVID-19 patients – Discover this session by the COVIRNA project

Cardiovascular complications arising from COVID-19 are known to contribute significantly to mortality rates. The COVIRNA project is a patient-centred Innovation Action focused on developing an innovative diagnostic test that can improve individualised surveillance, care and follow-up of COVID-19 patients by identifying those who are at risk of developing fatal cardiovascular complications. Detecting risks before patients […]

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Promoting high-quality research on health management – Discover the PhD session assigning the Karolinska Medical Management Centre (MMC) & EHMA Research Award at EHMA 2021

The EHMA 2021 Annual Conference will host the 19th edition of the Karolinska Medical Management Centre (MMC) & EHMA Research Award in a dedicated session. The Award was created to stimulate early career researchers to engage in healthcare management research. Since its establishment in 2002, the award has attracted numerous doctoral researchers who have submitted […]

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Everything you always wanted to know about EU health policy…and COVID-19 responses – Discover this meet-the-authors event by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

The EU institutional changes brought about as a response to the pandemic are substantial and far reaching. EU health policy has often been overlooked and was never on the political agenda. COVID-19 and the pandemic response, however, changed this dramatically. EU-health policy has become centre stage followed by bold investments and new regulatory initiatives. Obvious […]

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Ageing and health: the politics of better policies – Discover this session by the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies

Longer lives are a triumph in human history. Yet many observers regard ageing populations as a problem, in large part due to the costs of caring for older people. For these observers the success of twentieth-century public policy in expanding longevity contains the seeds of a crisis for twenty-first-century social policy. This belief in the […]

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