Laboratories have the potential to favourably impact decision-making and clinical governance as powerful collaborators and catalysts of value to health systems. Well beyond their contribution to medical diagnosis and therapy, laboratory insights guide the development of precision and personalised medicine, prompt the shift towards prevention, and are protagonists for innovation and transformation.

By mobilising insights from professionals across disciplines, this session will highlight the need for new governance models that acknowledge the benefits of involving multidisciplinary stakeholders – including laboratory medicine – in organisational decision-making to successfully address complex healthcare challenges and drive healthcare transformation.

We are pleased to discuss this important topic at EHMA 2021 during the session ‘Governance for healthcare transformation: harnessing the power of laboratories’ supported by the UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award and Abbott.

The session will be opened by Prof. Federico Lega, Professor in Healthcare Management at the Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milan, Italy. Prof. Lega will discuss the needs of transformative and innovative practices to ensure the sustainability of health systems. His focus will be on the opportunities connected to the active participation of laboratories in organisational decision-making. The session will also address the impact of laboratories’ involvement from the perspective of hospital management.

The discussion will be enriched by Dr. Ellie Dow, Laboratory Manager and Consultant in Biochemical Medicine at NHS Tayside, Scotland and Prof. John Dillon, Clinical Service Manager and Professor of Hepatology and Gastroenterology at the University of Dundee, Scotland. Dr. Dow and Prof. Dillon won the 2019 UNIVANTS Award thanks to their project, Intelligent Liver Function Testing (iLFT): a cost-effective way to increase early diagnosis of liver disease. They will discuss how to proactively engage multidisciplinary teams in decision-making processes, bringing their direct experience of the iLFT project. Their contributions will highlight the challenges and opportunities for laboratories to impact decision-making and clinical governance.

The session will be moderated by Dr. Colleen Strain, Scientific Manager, Scientific Leadership and Education, Core Diagnostics, Abbott.

The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence program is a prestigious global award created by Abbott in partnership with leading healthcare organisations with a common vision to inspire and celebrate healthcare excellence. The UNIVANTS of Healthcare Excellence Award recognises teams who collaborate across disciplines and transform healthcare delivery, and ultimately patients’ lives.

Join us at EHMA 2021 to share practices and experiences on excellence in health management.