Through the European Recovery & Resilience Facility (RRF), the European Union will invest €672.5 billion to support investments and reforms across Member States in six sectors: green and digital transition; smart and sustainable growth; policies for the next generation; health; and resilience. Allocations per country have been made and, in April Member States submitted their national plans for the use of the Recovery & Resilience Facility. These will be approved over the summer by the European Commission and the European Council. From Autumn 2021, the execution of these plans will begin.

At EHMA 2021, the preeminent European conference on health management, Sanofi Pasteur will host a session focused on discussing the EU Member States’ recovery plans with specific attention to their investments in healthcare.

Stakeholders from European Institutions, academia, citizens, and the private sector will share their perspectives on how to ensure an efficient implementation of recovery plans. This session will be the place for an engaging discussion on how implementation of countries’ national plans can become a driver of Europe’s ambitions for a resilient Health Union and global health leadership.

Furthermore, the conversation will focus on investments in R&D and industrial infrastructures, green and digital transition, investments in healthcare systems, as well as on discussing to which extent the pharmaceutical industry can be a catalyst of growth in the EU.

Join EHMA 2021, the preeminent European conference on health management, meet with experts from Europe and beyond, and be part of shaping the future of health management.