The NHS is in the process of flipping the script and working towards a completely new way of working – really bringing together partnerships across health and social care. The World Health Organization have also put out a framework about partnership working, principles and standards which align with the NHS approach. 

Within the framework of EHMA 2021 and their Festival of Governance, the Good Governance Institute (GGI) will host a session on ‘The WHO framework and partnership working’ on Wednesday, 17 September. GGI is an internationally respected consultancy and knowledge institute working across the UK. They help organisations create a fairer, better world by improving how they are led and governed. 

This session will be exploring the mindset of change, led by Jacque Mallender from Economics by design, a respected international health and public policy economist with over 35 years’ experience in strategic engagements in healthcare, crime, justice, home affairs, education, employment and social welfare. Jacque Mallender will talk through the WHO standards and principles and how these can be applied both in the UK and across Europe. The session, chaired by Prof Andrew Corbett-Nolan – Chief Executive at GGI, will also see the participation of Stephen McCulloch – Communications Director at GGI and Lena Samuels, who holds various chairmanship positions at South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust; Hampshire and IOW ICS, South East Regional People Board; Council of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives; and Hampshire and Isle of Wight ICS.

The session presented at EHMA 2021 is part of the Festival of Governance 2021 on ‘FLIP THE SCRIPT’, meaning turning an idea on its head and talking about it differently. Festival of Governance 2021 will be based on a newly invented board game whose goal is to align mindset, systems, and culture with whatever we aim to change or flip the script on. The festival – that will take place on 6-30 September 2021 – brings together senior leaders across all sectors, to share lessons learned and recognise those who have made a significant contribution to improving people’s lives. 

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