Health systems are major consumers of energy and resources at the facility level and in the procurement processes for goods and services. The European Commission, Member States, and individual health system stakeholders are implementing measures and policies to address the environmental sustainability of health systems, but there remain gaps in the evidence to support the implementation of environmentally friendly measures, among other things. 

Human health is closely intertwined with environmental sustainability. A case in point is the growing care needs arising from climate change and emerging diseases. At the same time, the healthcare industry is responsible for a non-negligible part of the global greenhouse gas emissions. The use of environmentally friendly practices and service delivery is therefore urgently needed. 

On Thursday, 16 September 2021 at 15.45, EHMA 2021 will host an Abstract session on Sustainability of health services

Dr Andrea Brambilla, Polytechnic of Milano, Department ABC, Design & Health Lab will present his abstract “SustHealthv2: evidence-informed assessment tool for sustainable high-quality healthcare buildings” presenting a tool will serve as a decision support instrument for hospital strategic management when dealing with operative facilities. will serve as a decision support instrument for hospital strategic management when dealing with operative facilities. 

Dr Estelle Baures, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sante Publique (EHESP), France, with her research on “Train healthcare professionals for an environmental sustainability of health services” will present the new mandatory course by EHESP School of Public Health on climate change, transitions and health to train healthcare professionals. 

Dr Milica Paut Kusturica, Research Associate at Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacoeconomics Specialist, will showcase her abstract on “Management of pharmaceutical waste: The practices and perception (example from Serbia)” aimed to examine the current methods of disposal of unused medicines from households in Serbia, willingness of Serbian residents to participate and bear the costs of organising the unused medicines collection program, and to define factors contributing to an individual’s willingness to participate and pay for a medicine collection program. 

Finally, Dr Marija Jevtic, MD PhD, full professor at the Faculty of Medicine University of Novi Sad, EUPHA ENV, Climate Pact Ambassador will present her abstract on “Climate Pact Ambassador role in the decarbonisation of healthcare sector” where she will highlight the role of the European Climate Pact Ambassador to motivate and contribute to the understanding of the need for actions aimed at mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the health sector. 

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