Last week from 15 September to 17 September, the EHMA 2021 Annual Conference took place digitally under the theme ‘Health management: managing the present and shaping the future’. The conference brought together over 400 representatives of the healthcare ecosystem to discuss some of the most difficult problems in leading and managing the health services of tomorrow. 

Over the course of three days, the conference hosted 3 plenary sessions, 14 abstract sessions, 11 partner sessions, 4 EHMA PIE sessions, and featured over 25 posters, offering a unique opportunity to share experiences, skills and competencies in the field of health management. 

During the closing ceremony on Friday, 17 September, winners were announced for the 19th edition of the Karolinska Medical Management Centre and EHMA Research Award, and EHMA Awards for the Best European Paper, Best Non-European Paper, and Best Poster.

Dr Lisa Rogers (University College Dublin Centre for Interdisciplinary Research, Education, and Innovation in Health Systems, University College Dublin School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems, Ireland) was presented with the Karolinska Medical Management Centre and EHMA Research Award for her PhD research on Implementing change within healthcare teams: a qualitative study exploring the influence of context on implementation success

Dr Rogers was among six shortlisted researchers who presented their doctoral theses in front of a wide academic audience, including representatives of leading European universities and research centres, Members of the EHMA Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Committee. 

Ms Jessica Lubin, (Good Governance Institute, United Kingdom), Ms Abigail Menke (Heartland Centre for Population Health and Community Systems Development, Department of Health Management and Policy, United States), Ms Sofie Van Steendam (KU Leuven Institute for Healthcare Policy, Belgium) received the EHMA Award for the Best European Paper for their abstract on Partnership-working in health and social care: a multi-national, regional analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on health and social care integration.

Prof Damian Greaves (St. George’s University, Grenada) was presented with the EHMA Award for the Best Non-European Paper for his abstract on Managing health systems better: lessons learned from COVID-19 in the Anglo-phone Caribbean

DISH – Digital & Innovation Skills Helix in Health project poster by Ms Sabine Paasch Olsen received the EHMA Award for the Best Poster

You can read all the awarded papers in the EHMA 2021 Abstract Book. All the posters presented at the EHMA 2021 Annual Conference can be found here